Odor Control

Resolution Fire + Flood utilizes a cutting edge technique for deodorization. Our process involves several treatment steps, and is safe for the occupants. No toxic chemicals or poisonous gases.

GREEN Deodorization Using HYDROXYL:

How It Works:

Hydroxyls (·OH) are safe, naturally occurring molecules that are created in our atmosphere when the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with water vapor.

Our process implements a dual process attack on contaminants.

1. The processing chamber of our equipment sanitizes airflow and produces hydroxyls

2. The hydroxyl (·OH) molecules exit the chamber to decontaminate surfaces and contents.

Processing Chamber:

Contaminated air is directed into the chamber where ambient humidity and multiple nanometer wavelengths and frequencies combine to create an oxidizing formula and produce hydroxyls.  The purified air is recycled back into the environment along with hydroxyls to further decontaminate surfaces & contents.  Once the hydroxyls are created, they are sent to “seek and destroy” odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, mold, VOCs and other chemicals.  Notably, the process simultaneously decontaminates the air, surfaces, and objects.

Our process is completely safe and can be performed while people, children, pets or workers are in the area.

Our process is ideal for:

• Nicotine (cigarette) odor
• Pet odors
• Musty or stagnant odors